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Why do I need a coach?
Let’s assume life is good and your career is going well, but there’s something else, just something tugging at your gut – maybe things could be better. If this rings true, a Coach is for you. Many people hire a Coach to help discover opportunities and perhaps uncover blind spots or limited ways of thinking. During times of change, people will often hire a Coach who will listen, support and ask questions differently than you may ask yourself. Start your transformation today – a free 30-minute Discovery Call is designed with you in mind.


Snapshot 360°

Openhouse has heard from leaders, “if only I had a quick, efficient way to evaluate performance.”

Now you do.

Snapshot360 offers your organization an opportunity to grow a culture of development, communication and trust.  Why trust?  Because it’s anonymous feedback. SnapShot360 is a development tool designed for mobile use. It’s fast and easy. We believe the success of a 360° process depends on the way it is introduced, interpreted, implemented and sustained over time.  We have a lot of experience implementing 360’s. Let’s share stories, develop a plan and launch your evaluation revolution!

Learning Forum

Maximize your time, energy, resources and money. Partner with OpenHouse to build a Learning Forum that suits your organizational needs and integrates cultural values. Get in touch with us here.

Can we pencil you in?

Cultural Integration
Aligning organizational culture, values, vision and mission with the day to day activities of a business can be hard work. We have over 15 years experience working with:
– Organizational growth / culture misalignment
– Global offices / organizational culture alignment with cultural diversity
– Business acquisitions / organizational culture integration

Engaged Leader Forum
The Engaged Leader Forum is designed specifically for non-profit Leaders to build leadership competencies and confidence to grow, manage and coach people more effectively. Participants leave with over 20 specific tools to implement within their agencies. Registration for participation in the 2018 Offering will open in November, 2017.
Interested in empowering your leadership? Contact us here.

Focus on Strengths Forum
Learn what’s right about you and your team! The Focus on Strengths Forum uses the Kolbe Conative Index® to identify actions based on natural instincts. When people use time and energy on the tasks natural for them, they thrive, communications are improved and productivity increases.


Compatibility Tools

Opportunity comes from within.   Compatibility tools help answer questions we ask about ourselves and about others. When people know more about who they are – talents, values, strengths, challenges – they respond in a positive way, leverage strengths and become more curious, than critical, of others.  Relationships grow. Productivity increases. Teams tend to flourish. People have more fun with life and work!
Here are the tools we use: