Collaboration and discovery, also known as, aha! moments.

Open. Inclusive. Focused.


Openhouse welcomes people who want to discover talents and optimize relationships.


Openhouse provides a learning forum built on collaboration and discovery, where clients recognize more about who they are and what they can do to build stronger relationships, work at higher levels of engagement and positively impact the bottom line.

Do you know why we’re here?

Neither do we.

Until, that is, we find out where you are, and where you want to go.

Walking the discovery path with you is important to us. Once we know what you want, we know our role is to keep our eyes and ears open so we catch the things you might miss along the way. We ask the right questions, at the right times, to help you move or transform your path onto a clearer, more intentional direction.

Meet Tracey Morris.

After 17 years leading a learning and development department, Tracey returned to her roots partnering independently with business owners, individuals and teams. Her expertise lies in pinpointing areas of excellence, identifying organizational dynamics and asking questions that lead to the heart of a challenge. She brings a sense of urgency and an eye on bottom line results to every situation. “I like to get to the point quickly so we can spend our energy and time on strategies to get from here to there. To move forward and see results along the way keeps us all engaged and focused.”

Working in a company spread around the globe, Tracey has seen, firsthand, how 360 feedback, coaching and assessment tools will accelerate change. “It takes courage to initiate a 360 review or take an assessment revealing personal traits. But, insight is key. What people think, what they see, how they feel is critical to strong relationship building and individual growth. The tools work.”

Tracey implements 360 performance programs, coaches individuals, creates behavior analysis for hiring and optimization, and integrates organizational culture & values into human-centered initiatives. Tracey creates customized workshops; she also serves as the third party in various scenarios. Certifications: Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching, Kolbe Certified Consultant-Copper Circle, TTI Success Insights (DISC / Driving Forces / Motivators), Emotional Intelligence, NLP, Mediation.